About Project Deeds

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Hi, my name is Connor James and I love life. I look for the great in every situation and try to live out the proven fact that optimism and attitude can be learned traits. I want to add value and happiness to the lives of others in any possible way. It is my purpose. Project Deeds is my way of doing that. I hope you will follow this blog and join the growing group of people who DO kindness. (See the video below to learn a little more about why I am doing this).

Not sure what Project Deeds is all about?
It is simple. Every post contains a deed/objective. These deeds are intentional acts that, when executed, will inflict kindness and happiness into the lives of others. I hope to inspire you to be a person of action and intentionally execute the deed.

Please Share!
I would greatly appreciate your participation as a Deed Doer and hope you will share this with friends, families, and colleagues.

My Why Power!


2 thoughts on “About Project Deeds

  1. Connor, Your work and mission are wonderful. It is very much in line with what we are doing. Would there be any way to collaborate? I love your deeds, and believe our community of “do gooders” would appreciate some direction on “how to do good”, like you offer here. Please let me know your thoughts. You can email me at annmarie@thinkdogood.com! I hoep to hear from you!

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