Suprise Affirmation


Welcome to Project Deeds,

I want to briefly revisit how Project Deeds works and what it is we do. It is simple:

This is how WE do it!

1) Read the Deed Of The Week.
2) Plan how you will put the deed in to action.
3) Execute the Deed Of The Week! Put the deed into ACTION!
4) Comment on the blog or send a picture to
5) Recruit your friends to join the Project Deed movement.
1) Think of creative deeds of kindness that we can do.
2) Type the Deed Off The Week
3) Encourage and motivate you to execute the deed
4) Select The Deed Doer In Action award each week.
5) Post Extras: Information that is inspiring and uplifting.

I hope you had a great week. I received several emails from those that participated in last weeks “Double It Up” deed. They had some great stories and did some amazing acts of kindness. One DD bought two beautiful bracelets that were engraved with words of encouragement. This Deed will be featured later this week in the Deed Doer’s in Action post. Thanks to all of those who were intentional about bringing happiness into the lives of others. Please keep encouraging others to do the same and get more people to join the Project Deed movement.

I want to get right to the Deed of the Week.

-Print out the above image or email and I will send it as an attachment.
– Cut the affirmations into individual slips. (Cut as many as you would like. The more the merrier. Let’s be intentional about kindness).
-Stuff them in a place that they will be read by surprise. (A stack of newspapers, office mailboxes, menus at a restaurant, etc).
-Email me your pictures of your deed in action at for a chance to have it posted later in the week.

Extras: These extras are just…. extra. If you want to read them and find them valuable I will be thrilled. If you do not want to read them, I promise I won’t cry myself to sleep. If you don’t like em, don’t read em, haha.

Extra #2: Adding Value
Recently I was listening to some John Maxwell audio on my commute to work. He talked about how he tries to have a positive impact on the lives of others. He said that every single day he asks, “How am I going to add value to the people I interact with today?” He follows that question up by establishing a quick plan and approach that will help him in the execution of his other-centered day. I just think that this is brilliant!

As I reflected on him talking about being other-centered and adding value to others I came to a realization. It was kind of one of those light bulb moments. I realized that Project Deeds is doing exactly what John Maxwell was talking about. There is no question that all Project Deed participants are other centered. Our Deed Of The Week is our established approach that allows us to add value (happiness and kindness) into the lives of others.

With that I encourage you to carry on your great work deed doers. Let’s keep adding value into the lives of others. I appreciate you support and really encourage you to share this site with friends and family. Let’s put this week’s deed into action and be other-centered.

Have a wonderful week. Be a DD!

Connor James


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