Welcome to Project Deeds. Here at Project Deeds we believe in being people that inflict happiness and kindness into the world. We do that by executing weekly deeds of kindness. I really hope you will join us in our quest to bring happiness to the world one smile at a time.

I am sure we can all recall a time when we longed to be included in an activity or event that we were never extended an invite to. It is not a great feeling. As people we have an innate feeling and desire to belong to something. We want to be wanted and feel like we are included. I truly believe the longing to belong is fulfilled with a simple invitation. So that is exactly what Deed Doers all over are going to do this week. We are going to intentionally invite people to do something, anything with us.

1) Select who you want to extend your invite to.
2) Be intentional about extending the invitation.
3) Assuming they accept, be intentional about focusing on them during your time together.
4) Comment back on Project Deeds and let us know how it went. PLEASE!

EXTRAS:These extras are just…. extra. If you want to read them and find them valuable I will be thrilled. If you do not want to read them, I promise I won’t cry myself to sleep. If you don’t like em, don’t read em, haha.

I recently listened to some Maria Shriver audio and she defined what success meant to her. It was truly remarkable to hear how she defined success and gave me a signifigantly different insight to what I believe success is.
She started by encouraging the listeners to simply answer the question. What does success mean to you? Think about it! At the end of your life how will you determine if you were successful or not? Maria answers the question by saying, “Success to me is being a great mother and being there for my kids. Success to me is being a wonderful daughter until the end to my father. Success to me is being the friend that I would want to have.”

WOW- what a great thought! I challenge you to really think about this. Hope you enjoyed that Extra.

Let’s be people of action this week. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or comment on topics that Project Deeds could improve upon. Be a deed doer!


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