Welcome to Project Deeds. Here at Project Deeds we believe in being people that inflict happiness and kindness into the world. We do that by executing weekly deeds of kindness. I really hope you will join us in our quest to bring happiness to the world one smile at a time.

They sit on our shelves used and battered. The collect dust and fade with the consistent sunlight that shines through our windows. There is a distinct aroma that is everlasting between the sheets of each page. Some of them have been dissected by highlighters and pens. Others have crease marks from the corner folds that previously marked our journey.

They are full of insightful and magical stories that could change a life, yet they rest cemented on our shelves. Hours upon hours of time was dedicated to formatting them in a way that we could find value with each word, yet they rest cemented on our shelves. Some of them may contain the answers to all our questions and problems, yet…….WHY ARE THEY SITTING ON OUR SHELVES?!?


1) Find a book that has added value to your life.
2) Pick it up off the shelve and take a picture of it. Send it to
3) Give that book to someone you KNOW will find value in it or relate to it.
4) Comment back on this page and reblog this post.

EXTRAS: These extras are just…. extra. If you want to read them and find them valuable I will be thrilled. If you do not want to read them, I promise I won’t cry myself to sleep. If you don’t like em, don’t read em, haha.


Recently I listened to Jillian Michaels talk about her career path and how she ended up being one of the most successful fitness and wellness coaches. She spoke of a time when she just considered her daily office job a part of life. She thought that was ‘just what we were supposed to do as contributing members of society’. She also said she did this just because it was familiar to her. The problem was that she was extremely unhappy. Every day she was more unhappy and frustrated which ultimately led to her getting fired.

It wasn’t until after she was fired and forced into an uncomfortable place that she reassessed her expectations for herself. She said, “ our security blank do not serve us. They are a hindrance to our potential and the expectations we set for ourselves”. She demands that we all step away from that comfortable space and break free from the ball and chains of familiarity and comfort.

What a great point!

Be a Deed Doer. Send me your photos and share this post. We must act now for we never know if the opportunity will present itself again.


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