This week we will repeat last weeks Deed Of The Week. Please see: “DEED OF THE WEEK: Give A Book Away. The focus of this week’s post will be on how we can improve Project Deeds.

1) Find a book that has added value to your life.
2) Pick it up off the shelve and take a picture of it. Send it to cjsaluki@siu.edu
3) Give that book to someone you KNOW will find value in it or relate to it.
4) Comment back on this page and reblog this post.

I spent good amount of time this week contemplating how I could improve Project Deeds and how I could get more people to become devoted Deed Doers. To be honest, I am not satisfied with the current results of the site and know that we could reach more people. I think a lot of people, including family and friends, are struggling to put the Deed Of The Week into action. Having said that, I want to know WHAT CAN I DO BETTER?

This past week we had over 380 visitors to the site and a retweet from Tony Dungy. This may seem like a great accomplishment but it was quite the contrary. I consider this past week a step back because Project Deeds did not receive information from one Deed Doer or Deed Recipient. I think it is easy to read the post and say, “That’s a great idea” and carry on with our day failing to take action. I think a great majority of potential Deed Doers have great intentions about executing the deed they just fail to follow through. I want to know what you think I should do to increase the intentional acts of Project Deeds?
Should I offer incentives?
Should I send direct emails to people that want to be people of action and involved with Project Deeds?
Should I post the actual videos of me executing the Deed Of The Week?
Should I quit posting videos?
Should I shape the message of the blog in a different way?
I need your input! WHAT CAN I DO BETTER?

I want your input because we are all in this together. I want to shape this site in a way that we can maximize the happiness and fulfillment that we inflict into the world. I spend a great amount of time putting together the Deed Of The Week because I want it to serve others. I want Project Deeds to be the smile on the face of a woman that was having a horrible day but just received a deed. I want Project Deeds to be the rekindling of a friendship by way of an intentional act of kindness. I want Project Deeds to be the kind act that did not go undone before the passing of a loved one. I want Project Deeds to make a real difference in our culture and I want to know WHAT CAN I DO BETTER? Deeds of kindness do not always get a second chance.

Please comment below and offer any advice that you think may benefit Project Deeds. I would greatly appreciate it. I need your input.



7 thoughts on “WHAT CAN I DO BETTER?

  1. I agree with the other comments. I think the idea and the presentation, videos, email, etc. is great. I too, have carried out some of the challenges but failed to document with a picture or forgot to send the picture in. I agree that talking about our actions through comments might produce more results, with pictures and videos still being featured whenever you receive them. I think it takes time for an idea to travel and be established and I don’t think you should be discouraged by your efforts at all. I think, on the contrary, there are people being loved on and appreciated through each deed that has been carried through. Changing peoples attitude to have a self giving, kindness spreading outlook is not always easy in this busy self centered world. I know I am guilty of getting wrapped up in my own world that it is a challenge to think of others intentionally. But that is what you are doing, challenging us to be better at that. So thank you and keep it up!

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  3. I think what your doing is incredible! I exhaust myself helping people I know everyday even if that means I go without something extra like my love for pedicure’s or manicure’s. It’s so natural to me I personally don’t think about what I’m doing to take note and share with others. I know more than anyone how disheartening it can be at times when people don’t see what you see in your vision. I never let that get me down because I know one day they will. So never give up! Always be consistent and it will pay forward I promise! If you have a moment I did write an article on a deed I did for a fellow employee who to this day still doesn’t know it was me that helped her. It’s called ‘Recognition Isn’t Always What is Important’ and it just randomly came back to me one day so I had to make sure I shared it in my blog.

    I personally don’t agree with the incentives only because I believe deeds should come from the heart and not because of something in return. As long as you lead by example people will follow!

    Take care!

  4. Glad to hear about the popularity of the site. As for changes, I don’t know if there’s a whole lot that is lacking. The videos, messages, and emails are good, as are all the links to social networks. One area where I really slack is the recording of deeds. There have been several instances where I have carried out a deed/idea, and not recorded it in any way. That’s lack of effort on my part, but rather than just commenting about it I don’t communicate anything at all. Encouraging people to just tell about their actions rather than include videos, photos, etc., may result in more conversation. Hope that helps a little…keep up the great work!

    • Mitch,

      As a way to thank you for commenting and giving feedback I will be sending you a gift card. It is just a way to thank you for being a person of action and contributing to this discussion. Thank you so much your advice help Project Deeds.

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