Welcome to Project Deeds. Here at Project Deeds we believe in being people that inflict happiness and kindness into the world. We do that by executing weekly deeds of kindness. I really hope you will join us in our quest to bring happiness to the world one smile at a time.

“You Get What You Give”
I have found an amazing amount of truth to this statement. It is so amazing to me how much happier and fulfilling my life has become since I decided to devote myself to adding value to others. If I am feeling like I need a little boost I make it a priority to send out some motivational text of happiness to others. Before I know it, I am feeling like I can take on the world. The simple act of being intentional about building someone else up always adds value to my life too. This concept has become a reality in many areas of my life.

Project Deeds is not your traditional happiness/kindness project because we know we can inflict happiness into the world without spending the big bucks. Every once in a while we will dig into our pockets but that is not something that this project is built on. The Deed Of The Week (That was suggest by a deed doer) this week will be one of the few times that we scrape some change together.
No need to worry, it can be as little or as much as you would like. It just needs to be something. Stay at home for a meal you would typically go out or skip out on the morning coffee purchase one day this week. It will make a difference in someone else’s life.

DEED OF THE WEEK1) Select a nonprofit or local charity (Churches, nonprofits, foundations)
2) Make a monetary donation of any amount to that organization. $5, $50, $1,000.
3) Send it by check or deliver it in person.
4) Comment back on this post and let us know what organization you donated to and how it felt.

I will be dropping my $20 off at the Boys & Girls Club tomorrow morning.

Remember, “You get what you give”.

What worthy cause are you going to give to this week?


2 thoughts on “YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE

  1. Made a donation to a food pantry/homeless shelter in Bloomington, IL…Home Sweet Home Ministries. The best part was that they are currently holding a matching donation drive, so they match anything dollar for dollar! My $17 was matched by them and they sent a phony check for the amount.

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