Welcome to Project Deeds. Here at Project Deeds we believe in being people that inflict happiness and kindness into the world. We do that by executing weekly deeds of kindness. I really hope you will join us in our quest to bring happiness to the world one smile at a time.

DEED OF THE WEEK: Be Happy… For Someone Else

This weeks deed ties into my proposal to Megan and the abundance of happiness that others showed for us following that moment. See the video to hear more details.

1) Think of 3 people that have something good going for them
2) Tell them “I am happy for you” Text, Email, Card, etc.
3) Tell them about Project Deeds
4) Comment back and let us know how it went.

Want to add happiness to your life and the lives of others this week….

Here are 2 of 3 “I am happy for you’s” that I executed this past week.

Happy 3

happy 2

Making a difference is simple. Be the action that brings happiness to people this week.

What did people say after you told them, “I am happy for you”?

If you believe in Project Deeds please share this post.



  1. I remember this!!! And I remember it made my day. I had a lot going on at this period in my life and I appreciated you taking time out of your day to recognize my hard work and commitment. I felt your happiness for me and it made a difference in my life. I didn’t realize I was highlighted in Project Deeds!!! I feel a little famous now…. 😉 Thanks, Con-Star!

    • Thank you so much. Just trying to encourage and inspire more people to be intentional about kindness. I appreciate your support and I also thankful that you are going to share this.

      Win The Day

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