Have you ever really thought about how you would define a life of significance? Often times I think that our culture and media outlets portray a very false image of what a life of significance is. Those with fame and fortune are consistently highlighted in early morning talk shows and featured on the covers of tabloids. We catch ourselves “longing” to drive the car they drive or own the beach front property they own. When in reality, the only concrete way to live a life of significance is to serve others. No extrinsic item will ever equate to significance in our life or the legacy we leave behind.

This is why this week Project Deed’s is being intentional about serving others.

Deed of the Week: How can we serve you?
1) Select three people you would like to serve
2) Ask them, how can I serve you? How can I add value to your life?
3) Comment back and let us know how they reacted or how it felt to be a servant leader.

Life a life of significance and serve others this week! Do it NOW (Well, maybe after the basketball game). We just do not know if the opportunity will be there so be a person of action and serve. Thank you all for everything you do.

I am so proud of Project Deeds and all the Deed Doers out there.


6 thoughts on “HOW CAN I SERVE YOU?

  1. Hey – WOW this is fantastic, way to go. Love your spirit and intention and what a great way to serve and add more love in the world– fantastic. I’m going to play your video to an audience next week and ask them to follow along. 🙂

    • I really appreciate that! Thank you so much. I just want more people to DO kindness. Let me know if their is a specific deed/message you would like me to direct toward your audience. All deeds apply to everyone but some are more manageable for certain groups. THANK YOU!

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