I am so PROUD!!!

Be proud… and let them know it. Before you do anything, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you watch this video. I guarantee that this video will tap into your soul. You do not watch this video, you FEEL it. Please watch the entire video. (Around 1:20 is the important part)

WOW! Every single time I watch this video (20 or more times) the hair on my arms rises as goose bumps swell up all over my body. More times than not this feeling is accompanied by some watery eyes. There is just nothing better than having someone you admire tell you that they are proud of you.

In this video Coach Paul Rhoads did not just tell the boys how proud he was “to be their football coach”, he showed them. With tears in his eyes he made them FEEL how proud he was of them. With this post on Project Deeds I want to challenge you to do the same for those that you love and care for.


1)      Write five names down of people you love. (Family, friends, colleagues, etc.)

2)      Think of something special that they have done recently or in the past.

3)      Look them in the eye and tell them, “I AM SO PROUD OF YOU”.

BE A DEED DOER! Share this post with friends and family.


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