Deed: An intentional Act

ImageEvery single morning when the sun rises and the birds begin to chirp we all have one thing in common. That is our ability to DO kindness. You see, kindness is not something that can just be talked about or written down on a to-do list. Kindness is deliberate. Kindness grabs people by the shoulders and shakes them until a contagion of happiness fills their soul. Kindness is done by those who DO. Kindness is intentional and acted out…..Also known as a deed.

Welcome to Project Deeds!

My name is Connor James and I have started this blog because I want to increase happiness in your life.  I ensure you that your active participation and following of this page WILL fill your life with a genuine joy and happiness.

  This is how WE do it!


1)      Read Blog

2)      Accept Challenge/Objectives

3)      Execute the DEED!

4)      Comment Back- Let us all know what you did, how it felt, how the deed receiver reacted.

5)      Be a DD- (Deed Doer) There are those who DO…. And those who are lame.

6)      Recruit your friends to join the Project Deed movement.


1)      Type weekly blog

2)      Challenge and motivate you with ideas of deeds

3)      Pick the deed of the week!

4)      Be interactive with comments

5)      Get more people to join Project Deeds

6)      Inflict kindness into the world.

DEED: Kind Words

OBJECTIVE: Text/call/email a friend or family member and deliver some intentional words of kindness or encouragement. Bring a smile to their face. Encourage them. Let them know that you are thinking about them.


COMMENT BACK: Let us know how they reacted. Take a screen shot of what you sent. Add comments on how you felt after you did it. I have no doubt that this deed will bring happiness to your life.

PS- I typically execute the “Kind Words” deed every day. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to perform an over-the-top deed for the launch of this page. I have purchased two gift cards at Panera. Upon the completion of this post I am going to give those two cards to strangers and ask them to join Project Deeds!





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